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Visitors’ Reminder

We are dedicated to making all guests feel at home and safe at our hotel. We can do it even better with your help and with you respecting our house rules.

  • Smoking is only allowed in a designated area outside.
    It is prohibited to smoke indoors and on the balconies; a fine of 70 euros will be imposed.
  • It is prohibited to consume your own alcoholic drinks in the dining hall, the bar, the water center and other public rooms.
  • It is prohibited to bring food and dinnerware out of the dining room, except when the guest is ill.
  • We recommend putting on the bathrobe to comfortably visit the water center and enjoy any procedures. The bathrobe is not suitable to be worn in the dining hall or in the bar.
  • Make sure to close the balcony door and windows when leaving your room.
  • Make sure to lock the door when leaving your room.
  • The hotel is not responsible for any cash and valuables left in the rooms or any other facilities. A safe-deposit box is available for use at the hotel reception for extra fee.
  • When leaving the hotel, please leave your room key at the reception.
  • Please remember that quiet hours are between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • For the sake of security, we kindly ask you to register all your guests at the reception.
  • You can order a wake-up call at the reception.
  • Please check out of the hotel by 12 noon at the latest. When checking out, please return your keys and wristbands to the reception. A fine of 35 euros will be imposed for losing the key and a fine of 25 euros will be imposed for losing the wristband.
  • When leaving the hotel, make sure that you have taken all your personal belongings. If you forgot something important, contact our hotel’s reception by phone at +372 449 0500 or e-mail us at Lost items will be stored for two months.
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