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Dear guest!

This page contains some useful information for you to pay attention to if you are visiting the beauty salon of Spa Hotel Viiking.

The salon is open

Mon-Sat 9:00 – 18:00
Closed on Sundays.

As we are keeping maximum possible distance from each other, it is IMPERATIVE that our customers keep in mind and follow the rules below:

Please make sure to arrive exactly on time because if you arrive early for your appointment, you unfortunately have to wait behind the door for the beautician to invite you into the salon.

Please be considerate of the waiting rule. The beautician needs some time to disinfect all surfaces for the next customer and make sure people do not get into contact.

Please have a seat in the customer chair shown to you by the beautician.

Please come alone. Do not take any children or friends with you.

Please leave the salon immediately after your appointment ends.

Please wash and disinfect your hands before entering the salon.

If you are feeling unwell and/or have any symptoms of any sickness, please cancel your booking.

Let’s care about each other’s health!

  • Paid parking on the hotel grounds  and on the streets surrounding the hotel. More information here.
  • Make an early reservation for the procedure – call +372 449 0515 during the salon’s opening hours or notify us about your wish to book a treatment by sending an e-mail to placing an order, please add your name, the treatment you wish, date, time and your telephone number. We respond to e-mails from Monday to Friday.
  • Please make possible amendments to the reservation at least 3 days before arrival. Later changes can only be made upon possibility.
  • Cancel your reservation at the first opportunity – then the other guests have a possibility to consume the salon’s services.
  • We expect you to make an appearance 5–10 minutes before the time of the booked procedure – if you fail to come on time, please let us now by calling the beauty salon’s telephone number. Unfortunately, your treatment will then be shorter by the amount of time you were late. Additionally, the fee for unperformed service or a part thereof will not be refunded.
  • Please take notice, that the procedure will be automatically cancelled, if you are late for 15 minutes.
  • Be clean and taken care of when coming to the procedure – then it is pleasant for the customer service personnel to service you. Please remove all your jewellery before the treatment.
  • NB! If possible, do not use perfume before the procedure, make up is allowed
  • The customer servicer is entitled to refuse to perform the work (provide the service) – if the customer is ill and/or it may endanger the customer servicer’s state of health. The customer must notify the customer servicer about his/her health problem(s).
  • The customer servicer is entitled to refuse to perform the work (provide the service) – if the customer has consumed alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances.
  • For your own maximal well-being, notify the performer of the procedure about your problem areas and your comfort – whether you are cold or hot, the possible painfulness of the procedure.
  • Before the procedure, the procedure performer notifies you about the products that will be used and what is the effect of the given treatment.
  • A tip for men – when coming to a facial treatment, please do not shave in the same morning (the active substances used in the procedure may irritate skin and/or cause skin inflammation), you can shave in the evening before the procedure.
  • You can pay for the services and products either in cash or with bank card.
  • You will get a -15% discount of the price list on the day of your birthday, except for special offers and products.
  • Act politely in the salon – the customer is the king, but the customer servicer is a human too.
  • If you wish to make a complaint about the performed treatment – please do it immediately after the treatment and before leaving the salon. The salon is entitled to not accept any later complaints.
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