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Health passport

We offer health passport packages as a unique product in Estonia.


To really be able to sell themselves in today’s world, people need robust health – and an understanding that health is one of the most fundamental values we have.

We help people make more of their lives, in quality and quantity, and remain an active member of the workforce through our health check packages.

The package is designed for:

  • people who do not participate in sports every day but wish to gain an overview of their health;
  • people who wish to take up sports but don’t know what level of physical fitness they are at;
  • athletes who wish to assess their physical fitness.

N.B. The Health Passport package is recommended for people aged up to 70 years.
Please arrive in athletic clothes and refrain from eating 3 hours before the examinations.

The tests included in our special “Health passport” package give you a complete understanding of the physical state of your body – muscle performance, flexibility of joints, potential health risks and heart stress endurance.

In performing endurance testing information is gathered primarily about your physical indicators (age, sex, height, weight, physical activity practices, existing chronic illnesses and use of medication). This information is used to determine basic endurance. The test is carried out on a bicycle over a 12-minute period, gradually increasing the load every four minutes. During this time your blood pressure and heart activity (pulse) are measured, as well as any potential problems that may present themselves and generally how you feel. The result of the endurance test is an overview of your ability to deal with physical stress and potential heart-related problems.

The flexibility test measures your flexibility at three points in your body: your shoulders, spine and the movement of your hip joint. The test identifies potential problem areas and risks associated with limited movement.

During the muscle performance test the performance of your stomach, leg and arm muscles is studied. As part of the test you do straight-back squats for 30 seconds, half a minute of press-ups and 30 seconds of stomach muscle exercises. The person supervising the test notes the number of exercises completed successfully.

After these tests have been taken the results are compared against the normal values within your age group and you are provided with an assessment. You receive the results of the tests and written recommendations for healthy lifestyle and physical activity.


Health examination packages

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