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Our beauty salon’s cosmeticians consult you and help you find the most suitable procedure. Our specialists also help you choose the products that your skin needs for home treatment.

Our cosmeticians use the exclusive and professional products of Sothys and Anesi cosmetic brands for all face and body treatments.

You are serviced by our cosmeticians Canet and Kristina.


Phone: +372 449 0510

We are open Mon-Sat 9:00 – 18:00

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Services and price list

ANESI EPIGENESSE facial treatment 60 min - NEW 49 EUR

Regenerating, smoothing, rejuvenating and energy-restoring dermaceutical treatment with clinically proven epigenetic active substances Epigenomyl® and Telosense®. Provides skin showing signs of aging with new energy and eliminates signs of fatigue.

REJUVENATING TREATMENT THAT RESTORES SKIN ENERGY offers the skin lots of lipids familiar to the skin that nourish, moisturise and contain regenerative and firming active substances. Products in the Epigenesse product range improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and minimise pores. The result is a more perfected, brighter and more youthful complexion.

Beauty package „Pearl of Stella“ 60 min 36 EUR

The package includes two treatments: Alessandro quick manicure with strengthening cure polish for nails and relaxing facial, neck and cleavage massage for 30 minutes.
Quick manicure includes nail filing, removing the cuticle, coating the nails with cure polish, oiling the cuticles and creamining the hands.
Relaxing facial treatment includes face cleaning and peeling, followed by a relaxing massage for the face, neck and decolletage. Finally suitable facial and eye moisturizer according to skin type will be applied.
We use the products of „Sothys“ and „Anesi“.

Beauty package „Touch of the Sun“ 90 min 51 EUR

The package includes two treatments: Alessandro spa pedicure (without nail polishing), and a relaxing facial massage.
The spa pedicure is a softening procedure that begins with foot care, followed by peeling, softening mask, massage and moisturizer.
Relaxing facial massage includes cleaning the skin with milk and lotion, relaxing facial massage, and finally suitable facial moisturizer according to skin type will be applied.
We use the products of „Sothys“ and „Anesi“.

Basic treatment according to skin type 60 min 38 EUR

Consultation of a cosmetician. Face skin cleaning, peeling, massage, mask, moisturizer.

ANESI oxygen treatment with ultrasound device 60 min 43 EUR

Give a true energy charge to your face! Recover your skin’s oxygen supplies, youthful glow and complexion! An extremely efficient facial cleansing method with a deeply purifying and moisturising effect removing dead cells and sebum, renewing the skin, accelerating circulation, reducing acne and skin pigmentation, ultrasound micromassage stimulating and accelerating cell metabolism (deep purification of skin, removal of comedones, smoothing of wrinkles, improving blood supply, decrease of pigmentation, micromassage, serum, cream).

ANESI HARMONIE special treatment for sensitive skin 60 min 46 EUR

The perfect skin treatment for supersensitive skin with indications of inflammation which has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, tonifying and cooling effect on your skin. Improves the skin’s natural resistance, balances and restores.

ANESI CELLULAR 3 rejuvenating facial treatment 60 min 49 EUR

Rejuvenating and skin renewing treatment with AHA acids, reduces pigment changes and evens the complexion. Adds brightness to the skin and smooths fine lines.
The treatment is unsuitable for sensitive skin with signs of irritation.

ANESI DERMO-PEEL EXPERT facial therapy 60 min 45 EUR

Cosmetic microdermabrasion. Dermo Peel Expert is an intensive exfoliating and cleansing treatment that resurfaces and regenerates the skin. The treatment focuses on rejuvenating your skin. Professional mechanical and enzyme peeling effectively removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. The skin looks visibly smoother and younger. Particularly suitable for deep skin cleansing, as well as in case of excessive skin and uneven texture, deep wrinkles, acne problems and pigmentation.

Relaxing treatment with face, neck and decolletage massage 30 min 28 EUR

Facial cleansing, toning, massage. Also moisturizing mask, eye moisturizer and facial moisturizer.

Facial cleaning treatment for students (–16 years) 60 min 25 EUR

Consultation of a cosmetician. Face skin cleaning, peeling, mask, moisturizer.

SOTHYS YOUTH rejuvenating intensive treatment 90 min 70 EUR

Rejuvenating intensive treatment

Rejuvenating intensive treatment with βP3. TRI COMPLEX ™ triple complex is a 90 minute treatment with the purpose of fighting the signs of aging, wrinkles and loose skin. Highly purposeful products + professional massage techniques. The treatment is composed of five main stages and eight special formulae: novel protocol, single doses of products, multi-masks, multi-zones. Excellent effect already after the first intensive treatment.

Hydra3ha - Moisturizing intensive treatment with hyaluronic acid 90 min 60 EUR

Suitable for all skin types.
Intended for both women and men.

Luxurious facial treatment specifically created according to the moisture need of different skin types. The 6-phase multi-effective treatment restores the skin’s moisture level and also stops the signs of aging on skin, includes the exclusive Digi-esthétique® massage and new generation moisturizing active ingredients. Hydra3Ha. intensive treatment combines the technological achievements with sensual pleasures.

Results are visible already after the first facial treatment!

Fast eye treatment (in addition to facial treatment) 30 min 15 EUR

Treatment includes cleaning and mild peeling of the eye area, after which a refreshing and soothing mask will be applied. Suitable for eyes with first marks of tiredness and skin aging.

ACTIVE CONTOUR- eye treatment 45 min 35 EUR

Eye treatment smoothes small wrinkles, decreases swelling and lightens the dark circles around the eyes. Special treatment products: eye scrub, massage moisturizer, compress, mask — created just for toning and refreshing the skin around the eyes. Results in rested eyes and fresh complexion.

Shanks epilation 15 EUR

Shanks ang thighs epilation 30 EUR

Armpits epilation 7 EUR

Arms epilation 13 EUR

Face area epilation (price from) 5 EUR

Price from 5-10€.

Dyeing of eyelashes 5 EUR

Dyeing of eyebrows 5 EUR

Modelling of eyebrows 5 EUR

Eyelash perm and tinting 28 EUR

The hotel reserves the right to change prices.

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