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Underwater shower / hydrojet massage 15 min 27 EUR

In addition to the aquatic environment effect, underwater shower massage has the strongest massage effect compared to other water treatments. In the aquatic environment, muscles relax; water pressure and water massage enhance lymph drainage and the removal of residues from tissues. Heat causes blood vessels to expand, improves blood flow and metabolism in tissues, and decreases emotional tension.
Procedure: the water temperature in the bath is usually 36-37 ºC. The procedure is performed underwater. The technician massages the feet, buttocks, back and arms with the water and air jet (0.6-1.5 atm) coming from the hose. To achieve a therapeutic effect, a minimum of five procedures and for a more lasting effect ten procedures (at least 2-3 times a week) are needed. Duration 15 minutes.
Main indications: joints and spinal column diseases associated with muscle strain caused by stress and forced positions during working, post traumatic conditions, spasticity, joint contractions, peripheral nervous system diseases (for example, radiculopathy, small nerves damage due to diabetes mellitus and toxic substances, etc.), lymphatic edema.
When to consult with your physician: cardiovascular diseases (heart failure, poorly treated and poorly controlled blood pressure, coronary heart disease, arterial congestion, etc.), malignant tumors, pregnancy.
Contraindications: acute illnesses and chronic diseases in case of exacerbation, phlebitis, skin ulcers.

Foot bath with sea salt 15 min 16 EUR

Sea salt foot bath has a healing effect, relieves spasms of the legs and improves blood flow. Foot bath is especially suitable for people who have difficulty with getting up from lying position, and for people with heart disease who can’t stay in a warm bath  because of excessive burden on the heart.

Pearl bath with sea salt 20 min 19 EUR

Aromatherapic bath salt stimulates the metabolism of skin and cleans the organism, which contributes to the renewal of skin, preserving its freshness and elasticity. The bath salt consists of natural minerals and microelements that relieve muscular strain and stimulate blood circulation. Rich ethereal oils nourish and moisturise skin, making the bath aromatherapic and relaxing.

Herbal pearl bath with different herbs 20 min 19 EUR

Herbal bath – relaxing, stress reducing, invigorating procedure where bath oil made from medicinal plants suitable just for you is added to the foaming bath.

Pine needle bath is suitable in case of blood circulation disorders, reduces muscle and joint pains, arthritis, suitable for treatment of nerve sensitivity disorders, restores spiritual balance, refreshes. Also cures respiratory tract diseases, increases masculine potency and vitality. The main agent of pine is turpentine oil which among other disinfects the indoor air in case of influenza and other infectious diseases.

Eucalyptus bath reduces fatigue, stimulates blood circulation, helps in case of respiratory tract catarrh. Eucalyptus oil used in medicine and aroma therapy is mainly produced from the leaves of blue eucalyptus tree or blue gum, less from the leaves of eucalyptus macarthurii, by steam distilling. Eucalyptus oil opens the respiratory tract, cleans and refreshes indoor air, prevents the multiplication of microorganisms. It also cures respiratory tract infectious diseases, rheumatic disorders and muscle pains, ear pain and sinusitis.

Melissa bath – reduces stress, suitable for migraine treatment, relaxation and release from tensions, treatment of insomnia.

Rosemary bath – suitable for relieving fatigue, blood circulation disorders, muscle pain and tensions and mental fatigue.

Soy bath – suitable procedure if you have dry, sensitive and itchy skin, contact dermatitis, psoriasis or allergic skin diseases. Also suitable as supportive treatment of skin diseases and during pregnancy.

Multi-herb bath – relieves pain and tones in general. Suitable procedure if you have degenerative joint diseases, rheumatic and support-motion system complaints.

Valerian bath – helps in case of sleep disorders and migraine, relaxes in case of anxiety and nervous stress, relieves high blood pressure and digestion disorders.

Camomile bath – skin softening and relaxing effect, suitable for treatment of skin diseases, women’s diseases, during pregnancy.


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