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Laser therapy 15 EUR

It is based on the effect of laser radiation on biological tissue, it influences up to 8-10 cm in depth. The recommended length of the treatment cycle is 3-10 sessions. The duration depends on the diagnosis. Laser therapy is used for treating inflammation of joints, muscles and ligaments and post-traumatic conditions as well as for trophic ulcers and vein inflammations. The final effect of the treatment may occur only weeks later, however, the majority of patients experience improvement during the course of the therapy.


  • malignant tumours
  • blood-related disorders
  • cardiac or renal failure
  • tuberculosis
  • infectious diseases
  • toxic enlargement of the endocrine
  • pregnancy

Ultrasound 11 EUR

Ultra sound is a sound with high frequency and low intensity and is used for treatment. Procedure is local; it warms and reduces the pain.


  • chronic joint and neural inflammations
  • degenerative joint disorders
  • chronic pain syndrome
  • scar tissue and adhesions
  • contractures


  • pregnancy
  • tumours
  • acute inflammation
  • cardio-vascular disorders
  • skin injuries
  • post-roentgen and –radiation disorders
  • pacemaker

Inhalation 11 EUR

The patient inhales through a mouthpiece medication sprayed into little particles by an apparatus.

We use the following inhalations:

  • ventoline inhalation – it is suitable for patients suffering from asthma and chronic bronchitis;
  • carmolis inhalation – it is suitable for respiratory disorders.


  • individual hypersensitivity
  • allergy

Diadynamics 11 EUR

This is a procedure using low frequency impulse currents that reduce pain and swelling, widen blood vessels and improve trophics.


  • peripheral nervous system disorders with pain syndrome
  • post-traumatic conditions

Magnetic therapy 11 EUR

It uses low frequency magnetic field that influences the tissue within 4-5 cm in depth, improves metabolism, reduces pain and lowers blood pressure.


  • peripheral nervous system disorders
  • chronic muscle and joint disorders
  • post-traumatic swellings
  • chronic skin problems

Darsonvalisation 11 EUR

The procedure improves blood circulation and metabolism of tissues, reduces pain, muscle tension and inflammations. High-frequency pulsed-alternating current is used.


  • dermatological problems
  • hair fall-out
  • headaches
  • superficial venous diseases


  • pacemaker
  • cancer
  • tuberculosis
  • acute diseases

LED facial Mask 15 min 22 EUR

The new, revolutionary LED Mask visibly reduces the skin aging process, stimulates and recovers the skin.
The effect of the mask is directed from the deeper layers of the skin to the top layers,
which results in the enhanced elasticity of the skin and skin revitalisation.

The treatment combines the simultaneous use of LED Mask and Re-fresh gel mask which has the firming, deep moisturising and soothing effect. This results in better absorption of active ingredients and a faster and more efficient effect thereof. After a 15-minute exposure,  the skin is more radiant and with a healthier glow.

Do not use the LED Mask in the following cases:

  • in case of pregnancy: although there are no evidence that the mask would affect the course of the pregnancy or the foetus.
  • persons with the diagnosis of epilepsy: some of the light with different wave lengths may affect the course of the disease.
  • people hypersensitive to light (with photoallergic reactions) or people using medications which may cause photosensitivity.

Lymphodrainage of apparatus pressotherapy 20 min 29 EUR

It is possible to get relief helps in case of heavy, swollen, tired and aching legs and convulsions of calf muscles with the help of lymphodrainage of apparatus pressotherapy. The apparatus massages legs, restores normal circulation of venous blood and lymphatic system of legs. It also reduces cellulite.


  • large hemorrhoids
  • heart pacemaker
  • cancer
  • pregnancy
  • arrhythmia


Vibro-acoustic chair 20 min 12 EUR

A session in a vibro-acoustic chair is a relaxing procedure. The patient lies comfortably in the special chair where sounds create vibrations of various strengths and generate a pleasant relaxing feeling all over the body. In addition to that, the patient enjoys soothing music. A vibro-acoustic chair is an appropriate treatment for stress: it assists in improving the self-concept of the patient and reduces the strains. It is also used for post-operative rehabilitation after heart surgery and sporting traumas.


  • high blood pressure
  • headache
  • diseases with fever
  • bone pathologies
  • inflammations in muscle insertion areas
  • heart rhythm disorders

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