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Morning gymnastics

Combines light exercises and is suitable for all amateurs. The goal is to awaken the whole organism, gain a pleasant feeling and a good mood for the whole day. Morning gymnastics takes place Mon – Fri at 8:00 am and is free to our accommodation clients. Gymnastics procedure lasts for 20 min.


Therapeutic gymnastics in gym ( in group, 30 min) 10 EUR

Hastens healing and restores capacity for work, procedure takes place in small groups. There are various sets of exercises depending on the nature of the disease and person’s general status (back and neck disorders, arrhythmia, post-traumatic conditions, heart and lung diseases). Physical load is selected individually, exercises last for 30 min.

Water gymnastics (in group) 10 EUR

Water gymnastics refreshes and stimulates. In water, the body is light and joints have no load. It is suitable for everyone, both the old and the young. You do not need to be a good swimmer. The exercises cover all muscle groups and include exercises of coordination, stretching and relaxing.

Gymnastics’ equipment, for example noodles, water dumbbells and swimming boards, are also used. The temperature of the water is 28–30°C.


* Viiking Spa Hotel reserves the right to change the prices.

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