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Water gymnastics

Morning swimming | Viiking Spa Hotel | Spa in Pärnu

Water gymnastics refreshes and stimulates. In water, the body is light and joints have no load. It is suitable for everyone, both the old and the young. You do not need to be a good swimmer. The exercises cover all muscle groups and include exercises of coordination, stretching and relaxing.
Gymnastics’ equipment, for example noodles, water dumbbells and swimming boards, are also used. The temperature of the water is 28–30°C and the procedure lasts for 40 min.
Price includes traditional sauna and changing room closet rental.
NB! Dressing rooms can be entered 30 min. before the lesson.

Information and booking
Ph: +372 449 0510 / +372 5381 3281

Please pre-register for the water gymnastics. Please be present 10 minutes before the therapy start!

Water gymnastics times in august



  • There will be no water gymnastics training in July, we will start again in August.
  • 20.08 there will be no training
  • NB! If registered fewer than seven people, then the training is cancelled!
  • We reserve the right to modify the training times and prices.

Water gymnastic's pricelist

1 time 10 times
Adult10 €90 €
Pensioner (on the basis pension certificate )9 €80 €
Child (under 14 years old)8 €

Conditions of the 10-times period card:

  • 10 x card is valid for 3 months since the date of purchase.
  • Unused visits during the term of validity shall not be compensated for.
  • The validity of the card shall not be extended.
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