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NutriSMART® food intolerance test 110 EUR

NutriSMART® food intolerance test gives a quick overview of whether you may suffer from (hidden) intolerance to 57 most common foods on the menu. We don’t often think to associate our major and minor daily health problems with food, but up to 45% of the population is estimated to suffer from ailments caused by food intolerance. Food intolerance is manifested in a variety of symptoms and may become apparent several days after inappropriate foods have been consumed. This is also why determining food intolerance without a test is so complicated.

The NutriSMART® food intolerance test gives you an idea of which foods your body is hypersensitive to, i.e. the digestion of which foods requires more effort and could lead to a variety of health problems. The test results will help you to adjust the menu if necessary and improve how you feel, your weight and appearance.
Taking the NutriSMART® food intolerance test is a good idea if you exhibit at least one of the following symptoms:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive system disorders (bloating, abdominal pain, nausea)
  • Constipation and/or diarrhoea
  • Weight gain, underweight and other weight problems
  • Headaches and/or fatigue
  • Skin issues, e.g. acne, blemishes, comedones; atopic dermatitis, eczema, itchy skin, etc.
  • Respiratory problems: runny nose, sinusitis and asthma
  • Musculoskeletal problems: arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain and weakness
  • Central nervous system disorders: migraine, headache, concentration deficit disorders, mood and behavioural changes, depression, anxiety, fatigue and hyperactivity

The test is carried out with finger prick blood, and results are available in a couple of hours, after which the results are summarised. The client will have the summary result ready by the next day.

NB! Food intolerance is not a food allergy!
These two differ from one another in terms of direct symptoms as well as the body’s immune markers. Allergy is an acute reaction that is usually expressed immediately after coming into contact with the allergen, while food intolerance manifests as a variety of symptoms and may become apparent several days after inappropriate foods have been consumed. This is also why determining food intolerance yourself without a test is so complicated.

Blood sugar test 10 EUR

Blood sugar or glucose is an energy source or fuel for the body’s cells in the same way that petrol is for a car. In order for glucose to pass into the cells and for this to produce the energy we need in our everyday lives, the pancreas must secrete a sufficient amount of insulin. If there is not enough, blood sugar will not pass into the cells and its level in the blood will rise. And regardless of the high concentration of sugar in the blood, a person’s body would actually starve: there may be enough food, but the body would not be absorbing it. This would lead to diabetes.

Cholesterol test 10 EUR

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that can be found everywhere in the body. It plays an important role in cell construction and in producing vitamin D and certain hormones. Your body obtains cholesterol in two main ways: it is produced in the liver or gets it from the cholesterol in animal products: red and white meat and fish, full-cream produce and egg yolks. The liver produces 80% of the body’s cholesterol. Overproduction of cholesterol and excessive consumption of food-based cholesterol (including saturated fats, which the liver converts into cholesterol) may produce a rise in cholesterol levels in the blood.

Express method for determining haemoglobin 11 EUR

People often complain of fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath and other symptoms caused by an indicator which is different from the normal haemoglobin level.
Haemoglobin is the iron-containing protein giving the red blood cells its colour and the main task of which is to carry oxygen from the lungs to other organs and tissues of the body.
Being aware of the haemoglobin level gives information on the state of health of the person and creates the opportunity to prevent the occurrence of some serious health
disorders thus extending the number of healthy years.

Haemoglobin level which is lower than the normal value causes anaemia. As the result of anaemia the ability of blood to carry oxygen into cells decreases, causing the deficiency of oxygen in the body.

The main symptoms of anaemia are:

  • paleness
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • shortness of breath
  • low blood pressure
  • sore tongue
  • decrease or loss of appetite
  • headache.

Normal values of haemoglobin

*Women 12.1–15.1 g/dl
*Men 13.5–15.1 g/dl

Urine analysis 10 EUR

Express test from the first morning urine, which enables to detect inflammatory processes in the urinary tract.

Taking a urine sample:

ask for a sterile cup for urine sample from the treatments registration
do not touch the test cup from inside or place any foreign objects in there
urinate directly into the test cup. Do not pour the urine from one container into another
for urine test, use the first morning urine. If necessary, you can drink up to one glass of clean, non-flavored and non-carbonised water
before taking the urine, wash yourself with hot running water. Do not use any soap or sponge.

PSA rapid test 12 EUR

Men are recommended to do PSA test once a year starting from the age of 50. Men whose close relatives have been diagnosed with prostate or breast cancer or have a history of urinary conditions, should do their first check already at the age of 45. Healthy men have usually low PSA levels. The PSA levels of 2.5 ng/ml or an increase of 0.6 ng/ml over a year are considered clinically significant, and in such cases it is recommended that the man perform additional exams to exclude prostate diseases. Rapid test enables to determine the increase of PSA and assess the need for further examination and treatment. Rapid test is done from 2-3 drops of blood taken from a finger tip. You can get the results in 5-6 minutes. In case of a positive result, contact your family physician.

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