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New menu in the bar from 12:00 – 20:30!

With the “Viiking Saaga” water center ticket you can get a 10% discount from the new menu in the bar.
The discount is only valid on the same day when buying the water center ticket.

You are welcome!




Viking snack selection – pickled cucumber, olives, pearl onions, garlic bread, onion rings, white cheese, chicken meatballs with cheese, pork roast cuts 12 EUR
Onion rings with cold dressing 3 EUR
Garlic bread with cold dressing 3 EUR
French fries with cold dressing 4 EUR
Omelette with ham and cheese 4 EUR
Fried dumplings with cold dressing, cucumber, tomato 4 EUR
Cocktail salad 3 EUR


Soup of the day 3 EUR


Feta cheese salad – cucumber, tomato, olives, Chinese leaf lettuce, Feta cheese, olive oil 5 EUR
Caesar salad – chicken fillet, fresh salad, tomato, Caesar dressing


Viiking burger – pork, chicken or beef burger with cheese, cabbage salad, cold dressing, tomato, cucumber 6 EUR
Roast pork – fried cabbage, sauce, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin 8 EUR
Roast salmon – stewed cauliflower and broccoli, lemon, cucumber, tomato 9 EUR
Pasta dish with chicken fillet and cream cheese – cucumber, tomato 6 EUR
French fries with wieners – cold dressing, cucumber, tomato 5 EUR

Sides: french fries, rice, boiled potatoes, pan-fried potatoes


Ice cream shake 4 EUR
Chocolate cake with caramel dressing 3 EUR
Pancake with jam or ice cream 4 EUR

The hotel reserves the right to change the menu & arrangement and times of serving the meals.

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