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Heat and cold therapy

Paraffin-ozocerite therapy 15 min 18 EUR

Paraffin-ozocerite therapy is a heat therapy that has a local effect on joint or muscle problems. A mixture of paraffin and ozocerite at the temperature of 52 °C is used for the therapy. Adding ozocerite to paraffin improves the thermal capacity of the latter and it cools down more slowly and transmits heat to the body over a longer period of time. In addition to that, the essential oils in the ozocerite are said to have a curative effect. Paraffin-ozocerite therapy has a pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory effect. It is used for treating chronic joint and muscle problems and post-traumatic changes.

Light legs 15min 16 EUR

Over the years, many people, especially women, start suffering from visible networks of capillaries and varixes evolving on their legs, which can also move to deeper veins, creating inflammation and hazard of stasis. Vein therapy with gel helps to ease this condition.

The gel includes flavonoids that are found in grapes and which strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce the permeability of connective tissue.

The vein gel also includes:

  • horse chestnut extract that has calisthenic effect on the walls of blood vessels and accelerates the flow of blood in veins, preventing the formation of stasis
  • gels containing the extracts of horse chestnut, red grape, pine bark, oak leaves and menthol are used for the treatment
  • sweet almond oil that includes important ferments, fat acids, tannins and vitamin B2, that normalise the metabolism of tissues, improve blood and lymph circulation, avoid stasis and diminish edema
  • allantoin that moisturises and softens skin and stimulates the renewal of the surface cells of skin
  • glycerine that softens skin, diminishes the sensation of drawn and dry skin and protects skin from harmful environmental effects


  • stasis on legs
  • pain in legs caused by blood vessel spasms
  • capillary networks on legs
  • fatigue and heaviness in legs
  • edema in legs caused by long walks or standing
  • it reduces the swelling of legs


  • possible individual sensitivity to any of the components
  • open cuts
  • trophic sores

Mud wrap for feet with Hiiumaa mud cream 15 min 18 EUR

Mud therapy is one of the oldest treatment procedures and it has been performed in Estonia already for more than 200 years.

Therapeutic mud has an effect that cures chronic inflammations and relieves pain, accelerates metabolism and cell regeneration, removes excessive fluids and toxins from the body. In addition, therapeutic mud treatment gives you a nice relaxed feeling. Thanks to the content of vitamin E, therapeutic mud has a powerful antioxidative capacity and stimulates the renewal of tissues, leaving the skin elastic and rendering it a feeling of freshness.

In the given procedure a specific therapeutic mud cream is used for a wrap. In the course of the procedure the feet are cleaned and disinfected. After that a specific therapeutic mud cream is applied and the feet are wrapped in foil for 10 minutes. After removing the foil, a light massage is performed until absorption of the cream. The procedure takes 15 minutes.


  • rheumatic diseases
  • chronic joint, tendon, muscle apparatus inflammations
  • muscle atrophies
  • joints from surgeries or traumas
  • chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema)


  • all the aforesaid diseases in acute phase
  • fever
  • tumours
  • blood diseases
  • heart failure II-III stage
  • pregnancy
  • some kidney diseases
  • mental illnesses
  • tuberculosis

In case of doubt ask for additional information from a doctor.

Local Cold Therapy 10 min 10 EUR

Packages filled with special gel, which are stored at –12 °C, wrapped in textile and thereafter placed to the problem area of the body, are used for local cold therapy.

The therapy is used for treating acute muscle inflammations, recent traumas and burns.

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