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Bright Moments in Spa Hotel Viiking

Viiking Spa Hotel is the spa with the best location in Pärnu. We are located in the beach district next to the historical vallikraav (moat), just a short walk away from the downtown of Pärnu and the beach. We offer a wide selection of classical rehabilitation procedures and relaxation packages. The „Viiking Saaga“ water and sauna center with its rooftop garden is the most unique spa and sauna centre in Estonia.


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Dome cinema

The central attraction of Pernova Nature House is its eye-catching dome cinema.

The 360° dome screen is where educational documentary films can be viewed.
The experience of immersive film sessions in the Fulldome cinema is enhanced by Digistar 6 Lite 4K laser projection combined with a Skysonus 5.1 sound system and LED lighting.

The room accommodates up to 35 people, so, to make sure that you have the best seat or that your whole group fits in, please book a viewing in  advance.

Follow the link to read more about the Digistar projection system.

Cinema session times:
Mon-Fri. 11.00-18.00
          Sat. 11.00-15.15

Infromation about prices can be found here.

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