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Bright Moments in Spa Hotel Viiking

Viiking Spa Hotel is the spa with the best location in Pärnu. We are located in the beach district next to the historical vallikraav (moat), just a short walk away from the downtown of Pärnu and the beach. We offer a wide selection of classical rehabilitation procedures and relaxation packages. The „Viiking Saaga“ water and sauna center with its rooftop garden is the most unique spa and sauna centre in Estonia.


Events in Pärnu


Today in Pärnu

Concert performance of Dmitry Metlitsky Orchestra & Vienna Show Ballet

28.11.2021, Pärnu Concert Hall

A festive concert combining hits from Vivaldi to Metallica and a dance performance directed by world-famous choreographers.

Dmitry Metlitsky is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who has been called the contemporary Mozart: beautiful melodies, amazing arrangements, and magnificent performances captivate the audience within the first notes.
The arrangements of Vivaldi’s Summer and Ave Maria by the orchestra are considered the best in the world, and Dmitry Metlitsky’s The Fire of Love has been named the best new-age composition.
Each concert of the orchestra is an amazing show and a celebration of the soul and the heart.



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Accommodation with buffet dinner

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ANESI EPIGENESSE facial treatment

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