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Bright Moments in Spa Hotel Viiking

Viiking Spa Hotel is the spa with the best location in Pärnu. We are located in the beach district next to the historical vallikraav (moat), just a short walk away from the downtown of Pärnu and the beach. We offer a wide selection of classical rehabilitation procedures and relaxation packages. The „Viiking Saaga“ water and sauna center with its rooftop garden is the most unique spa and sauna centre in Estonia.


Events in Pärnu


Today in Pärnu

Winter Swimming Festival at Pärnu Beach

Let’s put an extremely cool ending to the long winter and get ready for the Pärnu beach season together!

Winter swimming has surged in popularity as a hobby. Whether you’re an experienced winter swimmer or have yet to dip your toes into this chilly activity, join us at Pärnu beach on April 20th. Bring your friends and show that you’re ready to embrace the cold water!

We assure you, the rush of happiness hormones from plunging into the icy water is unparalleled. The Pärnu Winter Swimming Festival promises a day filled with excitement. A DJ will keep the atmosphere lively, and we’ll provide amenities like changing facilities, barrel saunas, and other surprises at the festival area.

The event will kick off at 13:30 on April 20th at the surf area located at the end of the Pärnu beach promenade, and best of all, participation is FREE FOR EVERYONE! We will enter the water together at 14:00.

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