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Bright Moments in Spa Hotel Viiking

Viiking Spa Hotel is the spa with the best location in Pärnu. We are located in the beach district next to the historical vallikraav (moat), just a short walk away from the downtown of Pärnu and the beach. We offer a wide selection of classical rehabilitation procedures and relaxation packages. The „Viiking Saaga“ water and sauna center with its rooftop garden is the most unique spa and sauna centre in Estonia.


Events in Pärnu


Today in Pärnu


10. – 11.06.2022, on the meadow of Vallikäär

For two days, 300 caterers from Estonia and abroad serve their best fare. We have outdoor restaurants, cafés and even a pet restaurant. You can enjoy the Good Food Fair, the national fishing championships and food preparation competitions; a large and exciting play area is available for children. The festival has performances by excellent artists on various stages; music styles offer something to every taste. Both days of the festival end with magnificent fireworks. Everyone is welcome to the Grillfest; the entrance is free of charge!

Grillfest – VisitParnu

Pärnu Hanseatic Days

1.- 3.07.2022, on the meadow of Vallikäär

History is a storyteller of long ago times. Pärnu’s Hanseatic Days Festival gives us a look back into the past. Let’s go back to our roots. We’ll go to the wisdom filled rocks. Medieval customs, ethnic crafts, ancient skills and spiritual wealth! Come to buy and sell, to learn and to teach. Listen to enchanting musical rhythms, dance crazy dances during a medieval celebration.

PÄRNU HANSAPÄEVAD: Medieval times and heritage festival XIX Pärnu Hanseatic Days (

Pärnu Plant Fair

9. – 10.09.2022, on the meadow of Vallikäär

Pärnu Plant fair – Pärnu Taimelaat



Summer terrace is opened

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Travelers`s Choice 2022

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For the classic lovers!

12. -17.06 and 19. – 24.06.

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