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Loyalty card


The loyal customer card of Spa Hotel Viiking costs 4 euros for which we ask you to make a transfer to the following bank account of AS Taastusravikeskus Viiking:
SEB bank EE551010902001513008
Swedbank bank EE192200221011598775
The explanation should set out: “Payment for loyal customer card + your name”.

We will notify you immediately after the transfer has been received and your card is ready. The card may be collected from the hotel reception.If you wish to receive your card by post, the postal charge of 3 euros shall be added.

 The Loyalty Card of Spa Hotel Viiking is our way of recognising our regular clients by providing them with special offers and discounts and making the quick supply of services to regular clients easier.

Viiking Spaa hotelli kliendikaart


Rules on the issue of the Loyalty Card

  • The Loyalty Card is neither a credit card nor payment card but a card for receiving discounts
  • The Loyalty Card is a personalised card and it is forbidden to give it to third persons for use
  • Discounts provided by the Loyalty Card also apply to all persons who use the same service that the holder of the Loyalty Card is using (or shop at the same store) on the condition that the holder of the Loyalty Card pays for both himself/herself and all his/her companions
  • In order to receive discounts and avoid further misunderstanding, the Loyalty Card must be presented before payment is made

Please present your Loyalty Card before payment is made. Discounts can only be received if the Loyalty Card is presented before payment is made!

  • The service personnel of TRK Viiking AS have a right to ask identification from the holder of the Loyalty Card. If the card has been given to a third person for use, the service personnel have a right to withdraw the card from the person who presented it
  • The Loyalty Card does not give a preferential right with regard to vacancies or services, that is, the card provides discount only if there are any vacancies
  • One discount can be received at a time (the Loyalty Card does not provide extra discount on special offers)
  • TRK Viiking AS shall inform its regular clients of all discounts provided by the Loyalty Card via e-mail according to the address indicated in the application
  • The holder of the Loyalty Card must report a lost or stolen card via e-mail at A duplicate of a lost, stolen or spoiled card costs 4 euros
  • TRK Viiking AS reserves the right to make changes in the regular client programme.


Rules on the issue of the Loyalty Card

  • In order to receive the Loyalty Card (hereinafter referred to as the Card), you must fill in an application on or send it via e-mail at
  • The Card will be issued to a private person who fills in the obligatory spaces on the Loyalty Card application.
  • The application may be rejected if the obligatory spaces have not been filled in.
  • In order to obtain the Card, the applicant has to pay 4 euros  and submit identification. Sending the Card by posts cost 3 euros extra.
  • The Loyalty Card can be applied for by persons who have stayed overnight at Viiking for at least 3 times.
  • TRK Viiking AS has the right to make changes in the Loyalty Card programme and the requirements for joining the programme.

Loyalty Card Discounts

Discounts provided by the Loyalty Card:

  • Relaxation and rehabilitation treatment packages -15% rack rate (except special offers)
  • -15% discount from the water and sauna center ticket
  • Treatments -10% rack rate (except special offers)
  • Lobby bar (except tobacco products and at the pool bar) -10%
  • Beauty salon -5% rack rate (except special offers)
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