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Visitors’ Reminder

Reminder for Visitors of "Viiking Saaga" Water and Sauna Centre

  • Visitors to the Viiking Saaga Water and Sauna Centre are always welcome and respected. We also expect the same attitude from you towards the customer attendants of the Centre as well as towards other visitors sharing the Water and Sauna Centre with you.
  • By purchasing a ticket to the Water and Sauna Centre, you confirm your skills and health conditions are at an appropriate level for using our various saunas and swimming pools. The water and sauna center does not have a lifeguard! Use of swimming pools and saunas at your own responsibility!
  • Having purchased a ticket, you will receive a wristband from the ticket booth, which can be used to pass through the security gate. The wristband will also record the amount of time spent by you at the Water Centre and any purchases from the bar of the Water Centre and can be used to open and close the locker of your choice.
  • In the event of purchasing discount tickets, please present the card or document proving your right to the discount before making the purchase. Any further claims will not be satisfied. Children aged 7-14 are required to present a document which proves their age. Retired people are required to present a pension certificate of the Republic of Estonia. No further discounts can be used with discount tickets.
  • Children up to the age of 15 years may only visit the Water and Sauna Centre with an adult companion.
  • Children up to 6 years of age can visit the Centre free of charge with an adult who has purchased a ticket and can use their adult companion’s locket.
  • We kindly ask you to not enter the spa and sauna centre with a baby stroller.
  • Please leave any valuables, documents, and other valuable items in the storage box at the ticket booth of the Water and Sauna Centre. AS Taastusravikeskus Viiking will not be held liable for unattended personal and valuable items.
  • In the event of losing and/or damaging the wristband, you will be required to pay a compensation of 25 euros. To avoid losing the wristband, attach it on your wrist, in a visible location.
  • Please return the wristband when you leave and pay for any transactions made.
  • The duration of a visit to the Viiking Saaga Water and Sauna Centre is three hours. Counting of the time starts from the moment of purchasing your ticket.
  • Please make sure you keep your eye on the clocks in the Water Centre. The cost for exceeding the permitted time of the visit is 0.20 euros per 1 minute.
  • It is possible to rent bathrobes and towels from the ticket booth of the Water and Sauna Centre. A bathrobe cab be rented for 3 euros and a towel for 3 euros. Please return the items to the ticket booth when you leave.
  • Please take off your outdoor footwear before entering the locker room.
  • There are shared locker rooms for men and women. Use cabins designed for this purpose for changing your clothes.
  • It is compulsory to shower before entering the Sauna and Water Centre. Make sure you shower before putting on your bathing suit and remove all make-up. It is also recommended to shower after swimming.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use various body treatment products in the saunas (honey, peeling creams, aroma products, etc.).
  • It is prohibited to dye your hair or shave at the Water and Sauna Centre.
  • Select a swimming pool section of an appropriate depth for your swimming skills and a sauna which is suitable for you. If you do not feel good, ask the personnel of the Centre to assist you.
  • Do not rush in the premises and on the stairs of the Sauna and Water Centre to avoid falling and injuring yourself. Wet floors and slippery and running on a wet floor is hazardous for you as well as other visitors.
  • It is strictly forbidden to dive into the swimming pools!
  • Please follow the instructions provided on the signs displayed in the Water and Sauna Centre.
  • AS Taastusravikeskus Viiking will not be held liable for any injures or other health problems arising from a visitor’s carelessness or compensate for any damages arising therefrom.
  • In order to value the time spent together, we have created saunas which can be used by men and women together. Thus, it is compulsory to wear bathing suits in the saunas and swimming pools, even in the case of young children. Swimming diapers are mandatory for children under 3 years. Swimming diapers are on sale at the ticket office of the Water and Sauna Centre.
  • You are guaranteed to feel more refreshed if you take a shower after sweating in the saunas.
  • Please keep an eye on your children and their activities at the Sauna and Pool Centre. Too much freedom may be unsafe for children and bother other visitors.
  • Various beverages and snacks can be purchased from the bar at the Water Centre. For more convenient serving of our customers, we have implemented the wristband system, which enables to load any purchases made on the visitor’s wristband and payment for the purchases at the ticket booth of the Water and Sauna Centre upon leaving.
  • It is not allowed to be in the saunas and swimming pools with food and drinks.
  • In order to ensure the visitors’ security, the entire Water and Sauna Centre is under video surveillance. We expect you to behave in a dignified manner in the public place and take into consideration yourself as well as others!
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke, consume strong alcoholic beverages or narcotic substances at the Water and Sauna Centre.
  • Customer attendants may refuse to serve visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances and to cancel the ticket without compensation and call the security in the event of a visitor’s unruly behaviour.
  • The attractions of the water and sauna centre are closed Mon-Thu at 20:45 / Fri-Sun at 21:45. Water center is closed Mon-Thu at 21:00 / Fri-Sun at 22:00.
  • Items left at the Water and Sauna Centre will be stored for one month.

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