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Privacy policy


AS Taastusravikeskus Viiking wishes to safekeep the personal data provided to us by each visitor. Our obligation is to protect the privacy and personal data of our visitors by following the applicable laws and regulations.

In this notice we will give an overview which data we collect for each visitor, why we do that and what we do with the collected data.

Please read this notice carefully before using our website. If you do not consent with the notice we assume that you stop using this website.

We apply the necessary technical, physical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data against loss, destroying and unauthorised access.

Potential data to be collected for visitors:

  • personal data: such as the first name and surname, date of birth/personal ID code
  • contact details: such as the residential address, telephone number, e-mail address
  • visitor registration card data: this is the data required in the Tourism Act concerning the visitor of an accommodation establishment – e.g citizenship, name, date of birth and citizenship of spouse and minor accommodated with the visitor, time of providing the accommodation service etc
  • credit card details: such as the number of the card, name of holder, expiry date
  • security camera recordings – in case of visiting our accommodation establishment or other facilities where video or other electronic surveillance systems are located for security reasons
  • data concerning personal preferences: such as the room category, city view, pets etc
  • data concerning the visitor’s state of health in case of purchasing treatment services or packages.

Generally the data is received directly from you when making a reservation or submitting an enquiry through our website, telephone, or e-mail or purchasing services directly by visiting us.

Your data is also submitted to us by travel agencies, booking establishments and other persons engaged in the mediation of accommodation services from whom you have ordered accommodation and/or other services with us.

We process visitor’s personal data based on different legal grounds if:

  • we need to establish a contractual relationship with you or perform the contract entered into with you
  • we have your consent (which can be withdrawn any time)
  • we need to perform our obligations prescribed by the law (e.g completion of the visitor’s registration card and preservation thereof within 2 years)
  • we need to execute our entitled interests, including the management of the company and implementation of general business activity; discovery of violations of the law and fraud
  • there is a need to protect the vital interests of you or another person (e.g by disclosing your data to the emergency medical staff member in case of an accident)
  • on other grounds permitted by the law
  • in case of purchasing treatment and relaxation services  – we process the visitor’s personal data to relieve the visitor’s complaints, prevent deterioration of the state of health or acuteness of a disease and to restore health
  • upon issue of visitor’s treatment documents – with the consent of the visitor we shall use the personal data of the person who has requested the receipt of the documents for the issue of the requested documents
  • you send us a request for explanation, memorandum, request for information or complaint – we use your personal data to establish the circumstances indicated in the complaint and to respond to the letter. If you have sent us a letter which can only be replied to by another authority, we shall forward the letter to that authority and notify you thereof

Use, preservation and disclosure of personal data:

  • we do not share the data entrusted to us by visitors except for in the cases described below and if it is necessary for achieving the objectives described in this privacy notice
  • our related companies: we may share the personal data with our related companies which are all located in the European Union
  • service providers: such as several other companies, we may order data processing services from a reliable third-party service provider, for instance IT and consultation services;
  • bodies of public authority and government authorities: we may share data with authorities if we are required to share the data according to the law or if the sharing of data is necessary for the protection of our rights
  • professional advisers and others: we may share data with professional advisors such as auditors, lawyers, accountants and other persons offering counselling services
  • third persons in connection with the transactions of the company: from time to time we may share the visitors’ data with third persons within the framework of a corporate transaction such as the sale of the company or part thereof to another company. Also within the transformation of the company, creation of a joint undertaking, merger or shifting of the company’s assets in any other manner.

In case of sharing the visitors’ data with the aforesaid persons we shall ensure the protection of your data in a data processing agreement entered into between us and such person.

We shall preserve your data as long as it is necessary for achieving different data processing objectives.

Upon the preservation of personal data our company shall proceed from the following criteria:

  • as long as it is necessary to preserve the personal data in order to offer our services
  • if a person holds a loyal customer card with the company, we shall preserve the personal data during the term of validity of the card or as long the data is needed to provide services to the person
  • if the company has an obligation arising from the law, contractual or similar obligation to preserve the person’s data, as long as it is necessary to fulfil such obligation
  • after termination of a contractual obligation we shall retain certain data for as long as the person (data subject) or the company has the right to file claims against the other party according to contract

Visitor’s registration card data shall be preserved according to the requirements of the Tourism Act for 2 years after completion of the card.

Credit card information shall be preserved only until the appropriate performance of the accommodation service contract between us.

If you have granted us the consent for forwarding direct marketing materials, we shall preserve your contact details until you have withdrawn your consent.

By using our website or reserving services you will have acquainted with and accepted our privacy notice.

We are entitled to make amendments to the privacy policy from time to time and we shall notify thereof on our website. We hope that you will examine the amendments made in the notification from time to time.

Protection of rights and contact information

In case of issues relating to the processing of personal data you may contact us at +372 449 0502 or via e-mail

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