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Travel safe in Pärnu

With the COVID-19 safety label, trusted to us by Visit Pärnu confirm that we follow the requirements and instructions of the
Government and the Health Board of Estonia established for our field of activity, we keep up to date with the information and help visitors to comply with the virus prevention rules on site.

We are waiting for you to stay in Pärnu – you are safe here!


As of 29 October, the obligation to wear a mask was extended in public spaces. The obligation to wear a mask applies to everyone who is at least 12 years old.

We do not charge extra for changing or cancelling a booking. Please contact us to make changes. You can change and cancel a booking made through our cooperation partners, Hookusbookus and Expedia directly through them.

The terms and conditions are valid until new regulations of the Government of the Republic of Estonia and the Health Board are established.

We care about ourselves and others!
Viiking Spa Hotel team



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