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Bus routes to Viiking

This summer, 2 bus lines will go to Viiking – the already known Kaubamajaka bus and the new city line No. 2.

The Kaubamajaka free bus runs from June 1 – August 18, 2024.

The bus route is similar to previous years:
From the center to Kaubamajakas: Hotell Pärnu – Viiking – Tervis – Wasa – Estonia – Hedon – Rannahotell – Tervise Paradiis – Strand – Kaubamajakas.

From the Kaubamajakas to the city center: Kaubamajakas – Strand – Tervise Paradiis – Rannahotell – Estonia – Wasa – Viiking – Tervis – Hotell Pärnu.

The bus runs 5 times a day, the timetable can be found at Free bus – Kaubamajakas

The bus is clearly recognizable, carries the centre’s advertising stickers and stops at marked stops in close proximity to accommodation facilities. Information signs with bus times have been installed at bus stops.

NB! Kaubamajakas is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm in the summer months, Hyper Rimi from 8 am to 10 pm.

City line No. 2 runs from June 13 to August 31.

Bus route: Haigla – Oja – Tallinna mnt. – Vallikäär – Viiking – Tervise – Rannahotell – Aia – Oja – Haigla.

In addition, the bus stops at two new stops, one of them is near Kuursaal in Naisteranna, and Side tn. At the beach promenade!

The bus runs daily!

The timetable will soon be found on the national public transport portal Route – 2 (


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