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Relaxation therapy

Micro-bubble bath 20 min 18 EUR

The micro-bubble bath offers an emotionally uplifting experience. This bath renews your body, makes you feel revitalized and younger. Billions of microbubbles stimulate your body’s immune system and collagen production, while having an anti-aging effect on your skin. Micro-bubbles of oxygen cover your body, reaches the pores and at the same time accelerates skin metabolism. The micro-bubble bath stimulates the blood circulation while hydrating and cleansing deeply your skin. The bath has a firming and rejuvenating effect, it smoothes cellulite and makes the skin feel silky. No contraindications. Suitable also for patients with a heart disease.

Massage on water bed 20 min 20 EUR

This is a water bed where moving water jets massage the body. During the procedure, the patient is not exposed to water, but lays in a light clothing on the bed. According to the selected program, the water jets are either looser or stronger, circular or point-shaped, with permanent or pulsating strength. It is possible to massage the entire body or different sections.
Similar to classical massage the vibro-acoustic water bed reduces muscle tension, improves blood supply and metabolism in the muscles and tissues surrounding it, also relaxes the whole body. The procedure is very suitable for reducing stress, reducing sleep tension and improving sleep. It also reduces tension and pain due to spinal cord and joint diseases.


  • acute illnesses and chronic diseases in case of exacerbation
  • recent trauma, osteoporosis with recent bone fracture
  • malignant tumors
  • balance organ failure
  • in case of body weight over 120 kg.

Need to consult to a doctor:

  • heart diseases
  • pregnancy

Vibro-acoustic chair 30 min 10 EUR

A session in a vibro-acoustic chair is a relaxing procedure. The patient lies comfortably in the special chair where sounds create vibrations of various strengths and generate a pleasant relaxing feeling all over the body. In addition to that, the patient enjoys soothing music. A vibro-acoustic chair is an appropriate treatment for stress: it assists in improving the self-concept of the patient and reduces the strains. It is also used for post-operative rehabilitation after heart surgery and sporting traumas.


  • high blood pressure
  • headache
  • diseases with fever
  • bone pathologies
  • inflammations in muscle insertion areas
  • heart rhythm disorders
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