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Restrictions from 9 August 2021

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New regulations of the Government of the Republic of Estonia and the Health Board will come into effect from 9 August 2021, and therefore all guests (from 18 years of age) of Viiking Spa Hotel and Viiking Saaga water and sauna centre must present a vaccination passport, certificate of recovery from COVID-19 or certificate indicating negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.

Guests staying at the hotel must present the certificate upon check-in. When visiting just the water and sauna centre, the certificate can be presented at the reception of the centre. Guests using day care can present the certificate at the care check-in.

Suitable forms of certification include digital or printed:

  • valid vaccination passport or
  • proof of recovery from COVID-19 or
  • negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate valid for 72 h or
  • negative COVID-19 antigen rapid test certificate valid for 48 h

The antigen rapid test must be performed by a healthcare provider.

NB! In the absence of the documents listed above, visiting Viiking Spa Hotel is not possible.

Rapid test can be purchased on site for 5 euros. Visitors perform a self-administered rapid test on site, and a trained employee will assist if necessary and help to interpret the result. The test result is valid for 48 hours only for activities offered by us. We do not issue a certificate for the test results.

We do not charge extra for changing or cancelling a booking. Please contact us to make changes. You can change and cancel a booking made through our cooperation partners, Hookusbookus and Expedia directly through them.

The terms and conditions are valid until new regulations of the Government of the Republic of Estonia and the Health Board are established.

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