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Sauna menu

Fish plate for 4 22 EUR
Meat plate for 421 EUR
Cheese plate for 423 EUR
Croissant with ham and cheese / gravlax2 EUR
Cocktail salad3 EUR
Vegetables with dip sauce for 415 EUR
Salty / sweet pastry1 EUR
Onion rings with garlic sauce2,5 EUR
Tortilla stuffed with ham and cheese 100g2,5 EUR
Fruit skewer1,5 EUR
Cake1,5 EUR
French fries with dip sauce1,5 EUR
Herring with boiled potatoes 2,5 EUR
Viking's sauna plate for 4
(potato salad, pastry with salmon, ham rolls, garlic bread, marinated cucumber, stuffed eggs, dip sauce)
28 EUR
Garlic bread2 EUR
Juice1,5 EUR
Coffee / tea1,5 EUR
Mineral water1 EUR
  • The sauna menu is available for pre-order only. Please order the group menu at least 2 business days in advance.
  • Cancellation of the group menu can be no later than 2 business days before the event.

Sauna menu is offered only in our rental sauna.

Menu is not offered in the water and sauna center “Viiking Saaga”.

Information: or ph. +372 449 0505.

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